February 24, 2024
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France convinces at least eight EU countries to agree its migrant plan

France has convinced as many as eight European Union countries to agree to its migrant plan it developed with the support of Germany.

The breakthrough has occurred after the EU countries’ meeting in Paris, in which many EU countries have participated accepting the invitation of France and Germany.

Apart from the eight countries, other six countries have agreed in principle the migrant plan developed by France and Germany.

The plan deals with the resettlement of the migrants who reaches Europe crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

Notably, Italy has not agreed to accept the deal. It has even denounced the plan proposed by the two powerful European countries.

Italy is the one which suffers the heat of the migrant influx from the Mediterranean Sea the most. There is no wonder in Italy disagreeing with the plan. Italy has several times rejected similar proposals in the near past. No serious change in its attitude is expected until and unless the country gives up its far-rightist attitude.

The new development is likely to open up a serious political crisis in Europe. It is expected to widen the rift between the liberal countries in Europe and the far-rightist countries.

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