October 3, 2022
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Servant of the people to grab huge victory in Ukraine

The Servant of the people, the political party developed by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, is set to make a big victory in the country’s parliament election.

As around seventy per cent votes casted have been counted, the president’s party’s vote share has reached 42.7 per cent.

The vote share is expected to rise in the coming hours accordingly, as per an unacknowledged report.

The party asserts that it will secure as many as 250 seats in the 450 member Ukrainian parliament.

Not many Ukrainian presidents, who have enjoyed the seat of power since the fall of the communist regime, have received such a privilege.

If the things happen as per what the party has said, the present president will become the first Ukrainian supremo to enjoy a clear majority in the parliament.

That means he cannot be stopped from experimenting his policies. And, he does not have to fear anyone to take tougher stand against corruption. It is expected that the privilege will encourage the president to bring in several radical reforms in the country.

The clear majority, in the other hand, is also a huge responsibility. If he fails, no one in the future outside the establishment will be supported by the people in the future.

It is hoped that the ex-comedian will put serious effort to make full use of his advantage for the good of the people.

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