December 8, 2023
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Top militant leader killed in Kashmir


In a daring search operation, the Indian security forces have killed one of the top Lashkar-e-Taiba militants, Waseem Shah.

As per the latest updates, the operation has taken place in the Litter area of Pulwama region.

The national media houses have reported that two militants have been killed in the encounter operation.

Another militant who has been killed in the operation has been identified by the media houses as Nisar Ahmed Khan.

It is said that the operation has been carried out jointly by the Indian army and the special operation force.

It is believed that Mr Shah was the mastermind behind the disturbances occurred in the Kashmir region in the recent past.

The PTI has reported that this is the first heavy military search operation in the region in last four years.

Mr Shah, who carried a cash reward of nearly ten lakh rupees on his head, has carried out several attacks in the region.

He has been instrumental in recruiting young Kashmiris to the anti-social activities executed by the militant groups.

Experts say that the security forces deserve special appreciation for their brave operations intended to stabilise the Kashmiri region which has been witnessing violence for last few years.


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