June 20, 2024
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Top Kashmiri separatist leaders join hands to derail industrial policy, Sainik colony

 In a bid to derail the proposed industrial policy and Sainik colony in Jammu Kashmir, the separatist leaders, Sayed Ali Geelani and Muhammed Yasin Malik, is said to have decided to create a united action plan for opposing the alleged central government initiatives strongly. It is alleged that the central government is keen to develop a separate township, named Sainik colony, for the Kashmiri pundits who were brutally displaced from their homeland followed by violent communal clashes. In addition, the government is said to have introduced a liberal industrial policy which allows the non-Kashmiris to own and run an enterprise in JK. Critics claim that the liberal policies are aimed at developing a convincing environment to bring back displaced Kashmiri pundits. Notably, while meeting reporters after the joint conference, the separatist spokesperson says that both leaders admitted that Kashmir is currently facing a big crisis. Moreover, he added that the leaders believe that the central authorities are consciously trying to distort the demography of the Kashmir silently. Furthermore, while concluding his statement, the separatist representative has tactically compared Kashmiris with Palestinians to evoke sentiment. Meanwhile, the state government denounced the allegations levelled against them by separatists, saying they are not planning to develop the Sainik Colony and they are sincerely trying to revamp the industrial policy. Earlier, the JK’s prime opposition party, National Conference, has raised similar allegations against the ruling government. But, PDP retorted that NC is aiming to disturb the peaceful living conditions of the state by igniting unnecessary issues. PDP reportedly suspects that NC is targeted at shattering the economic stability by distorting the tourism sector of the state through creating instabilities.


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