July 17, 2024
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Tokyo Paralympics start today: Hopefully India; Mariappan Thankavelu will be the flag bearer

The Tokyo Paralympics start today. The inauguration ceremony will begin at 4.30 pm. The Tokyo Paralympics come with the message that we have wings.

Seventy-five artists will be on stage to paint the opening ceremony. Five players and six officials will represent India at the inaugural function. Mariappan Thankavelu, gold medalist in the Rio Paralympic High Jump, will fly the Indian flag. There are 54 players in the India Games, including Malayalee shooter Siddharth Babu. It is the largest team in the history of the Paralympics in India.

The Paralympics, which run through September 5, will feature 4,400 athletes from 160 countries. There are 22 events at the Tokyo Paralympics, where badminton and taekwondo make their debuts. Although the two-member team withdrew due to political reasons, the Afghan flag will be included in the inauguration ceremony. Six athletes will represent the refugees.

So far, India has won 12 medals from 11 Paralympics. The Indian team hopes to win 15 medals this time, including five golds. China has been leading the medal hunt since 2004.

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