June 24, 2024

TN police arrests over 150 youngsters for attending illegal rave party

The Tamil Nadu police have arrested a huge group of youngsters for attending an illegal rave party organised in a resort in a remote village in Mamallapuram in Kancheepuram.

The majority of the youngsters who have been arrested are students and techies. There are at least six young girls among the arrestees.

The officials have seized alcohol and several similar intoxicating substances from the resort where the rave party have been organised.

The arrestees have disclosed that it is through the online platforms they have come to know about the event.

The tickets of the event are believed to have been illegally sold out through the online platforms. It is assumed that it might be from these platforms that the arrestees secured their tickets.

It remains unclear at this moment what are the charges registered against the arrestees. More details are awaited in that regard.

It is a well known fact that the social media platforms are often misused by those behind such illegal events. A serious framework should be erected to prevent the misuse of these platforms.

A few hours before, a similar rave party was busted in Noida by the Uttar Pradesh police.

Actually, in the metro cities, rave party is not uncommon. But, it is very uncommon in the remote regions.

Notably, it is first time such an incident has been reported from a remote district like Kancheepuram.

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