September 26, 2023

US intensifies pressure over Iran

The United States have intensified its pressure over Iran. As a clear message, the White House has ordered to send an aircraft carrier strike group and a bomber task force to the Middle East. The action has been justified on the ground that the US has obligation to protect its allies in the Middle East region, such as Israel. Interestingly, the deployment has come a day after the tension between Israel and Palestine touched a new height.

Earlier, the US walked out of an agreement that had been reached by them with Iran during the Obama era, and imposed severe sanction against Tehran.

Recently, the US intensified the impact of the sanction by not extending the waiver it had provided to few countries like India to by oil from Iran at the time of the imposition of the sanction.

At this moment, it remains unclear why suddenly the US has decided to sent a huge group of fighters to the Middle East region.

The US’ decision has been actually published by its National Security Advisor, John Bolton. While delivering the statement, he has carefully added that his county did not want to get into a war with the Iranian regime.

Vignesh. S. G
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