July 18, 2024
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US Professor Calls India “Sh*****E”, Indian Americans Slam Remarks

Leading Indian-Americans, including US Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, have chastised a University of Pennsylvania law professor for making disparaging remarks about the Asian American community, with a particular dislike for Indian-Americans.

Prof. Amy Wax of the University of Pennsylvania claimed in a recent interview with Fox News that “Blacks” and “non-Western” groups have “a tremendous amount of resentment and shame against western people for [their] outsized achievements and contributions.” “This is the issue. They’re taught that because they’re Brahmin elites, they’re better than everyone else, but their country is a shithole,” Wax, who has a long history of inflammatory remarks, said.

In every way, she added, the westerners have outgunned and outclassed the Asian Americans.

“They’ve realised that in every way, we’ve outgunned and outclassed them… They are enraged. They are envious. They are ashamed of themselves. It breeds monstrous levels of ingratitude,” she explained.

Wax then went after the powerful Indian-American medical community. “They’re on the ramparts for the anti-racism initiative to dump on America,” she claimed.

Indian-Americans across the country were outraged by the remark. “I thought the days of calling other countries “shithole” countries were over after President Trump left office,” Krishnamoorthi said in a tweet. “As an Indian-American immigrant, I’m disgusted to hear this UPenn Professor insult Indian-American immigrants, as well as all non-white Americans,” he said. He stated that such remarks are motivated by hatred and fear, and that such discussions make it much more difficult to achieve common-sense immigration reform.

“Comments like these are motivated by hatred and fear, and they harm my constituents and our minority communities.” They fuel hate crimes against minorities and make common-sense immigration reform much more difficult to achieve,” Krishnamoorthi said. Wax’s comments were also slammed by Indian-American law professor Neil Makhija. According to reports in the US media, Wax’s controversial comments about race have gone viral before. Wax’s appearance on Carlson’s show isn’t the first time she’s made racist remarks about Asians. She said in a December interview that Indian Americans should be “grateful” to be in the United States and that the country would be “better off” with fewer Asians. According to NBC News, Penn has confirmed that it is currently pursuing disciplinary action against Wax.

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