October 25, 2021
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‘Love Myself ’; BTS raises Rs 3,500 crore in a single campaign

Korean music band BTS has raised Rs 3,500 crore through a joint campaign with the United Nations. The ‘Love Myself’ campaign was launched to prevent and raise awareness about child abuse.

Since 2018, BTS and UNICEF, part of the United Nations, have been working together for this campaign. The United Nations has set up special booths at BTS’s concerts with the message ‘Love Myself’. In addition, the group sought to spread the message of the campaign through social media. As a result, the campaign reached millions of people.

In 2019, a whopping Rs 3,500 crore was raised from BTS’s concerts in various countries. BTS also benefited from the release of a music video on the ‘Love Myself’ campaign at UN headquarters.

The United Nations and UNICEF Executive Director, Hanieta, said the handshake would help reach out to more young people working for the United Nations. BTS members assured that they will continue this campaign to bring more joy and love to the people.

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