June 22, 2024
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JD(S) empowers cab drivers to stand against ‘global cab aggregators’

In a move which can be seen as a tactical measure to tackle the unfair treatment faced by the local cab drivers of Karnataka due to the high competition between Ola and Uber, the JD(S) supremo and former Chief Minister of Karnataka, H D Kumaraswamy, has contributed a huge sum of 2.5 crore rupees as a base capital to start a co-operative taxi aggregator for the local cab drivers. For last few years, the global conglomerates working in the cab aggregation sector have been indulging in an unhealthy competition putting the cab drivers, who joined hand with the global conglomerates, into deep trouble.

In recent times, the conglomerates have unfairly reduced the price and forced the drivers to work under unfair work conditions offering less profit. It has even hiked the commission amount which the driver ought to pay the cab aggregator. Undoubtedly, there is politics in this unusual fight between the global conglomerate and political party. But, the public sees the party as a protector. The fact is that majority of the cab drivers who approached the JD(S) are from Ramanagaram and Mandya; both of these districts are the stronghold of the agrarian party. The Karnataka is going to poll stations next year. We cannot predict how will this move help the JD(S) to consolidate the votes of the new working class who are working under the global conglomerates which consider the state as a good investment destination. Will this move encourage other political parties to fund some sector, which is being slowly swallowed by the global conglomerates, in order to empower the local workers working in those sectors?




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