November 30, 2023
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Thoothukudi commemorates anti-Sterlite martyrs

The near and dear ones of around 13 innocent people, who were killed in Thoothukudi last year during the anti-Sterlite protest, has gathered in different locations across the region to commemorate the anti-Sterlite martyrs in the first anniversary of the unfortunate event.

Several political parties and Tamil groups have expressed solidarity with the anti-Sterlite movement, which played a key role in the closure of the company in the region.

It was on 22nd May 2018 that the police fired indiscriminately at a huge mode gathered in the region demanding the closure of the company which, they believe, poses serious threat to the environment and their healthy life. The state government faced serious criticism for the way they handled the protest, especially for the irresponsible way the fire arms were used against the agitating population. The state government later ordered the closure of the company.

The anti-Sterlite movement and its martyrs will always remain as the symbol of ‘fearless resistance’.

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