August 15, 2022
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Vodafone Filed a Claim With the Indian Government for Refund of Taxes Paid in the Past

According to a top government official, Vodafone has filed an application with the Indian government to settle its tax issue under the retrospective statute, promising to guarantee it against any future claims.

“They’ve applied… The corporation would be given Form 2 when the application was processed “According to the official, Form 2 is the following step, which indicates that the application has been accepted, paving the way for a refund of the tax paid. The government must reimburse Vodafone 44.7 crore in taxes that it has collected. After the final rules under the Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act 2021 were announced, Cairn Energy and all other corporations subject to the retrospective tax applied for settlement with the Income Tax Department.

According to the official, their applications have been processed, and the majority of them, including Cairn Energy, has been issued Form 2. Vodafone has applied to a different set of rules. In mid-October, the government published these under Section 119 of the Finance Act.

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