May 30, 2024
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Security Breach At PM’s Karnataka Roadshow, Boy Runs To Him With Garland

A child who abruptly jumped onto the road and managed to come within an arm’s length of Prime Minister Narendra Modi today during his roadshow in Hubbali, Karnataka, violated the highest level of security in the nation. He was abruptly stopped and taken away by the Prime Minister’s Special Protection Group, or SPG.
The Prime Minister was riding on the running board of an SUV and waving to ecstatic spectators when the youngster, who was clutching a garland, appeared to be trying to congratulate him. The Prime Minister was seen accepting the garland and giving it to a security official, but the SPG personnel instantly obstructed him.

It is still unknown how the 11-year-old youngster entered a space that was anticipated to be completely sterilised and managed to approach the prime minister so closely. Hundreds of supporters lined the road leading from the airport, shouting slogans, but they were far behind the barricades.

The 29th National Youth Festival is set to begin this evening, and the prime minister was holding a roadshow from the airport to the venue, the Railway Sports Ground.

The state police are in charge of the top tier of the prime minister’s five-layer security system.

During his visit to Punjab the previous year, PM Modi’s security was violated. The Prime Minister’s cavalcade was halted for 20 minutes on a flyover in front of television cameras on January 5 while en route to Ferozepur for an electoral rally because of a roadblock by protesting farmers.

The report would be given to the Centre “so that required steps can be taken,” according to the highest court, which established the committee to examine if there was evidence of a criminal conspiracy in the security breach.

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