September 24, 2020

India’s Asian athletic champion fails dope test

A renowned Indian Asian athletic champion has failed the dope test conducted by the Doha Asian authorities. The test has detected the presence of a banned steroid in the blood samples given by the athlete to the concerned authorities. She will face a four year ban at least.

She has expressed shock in the outcome of the result. She has never expected such an outcome.

Her performance in the recent Asian athletics championship in Doha in her event stunned the country. She was supposed to leave to Poland this week for advanced training in relay event. The concerned authorities in the country had plans to include her in the 4 * 400 m relay team.

She can ask the authorities to test her B sample. If her B sample is tested negative, the action initiated against her will be revoked.

It seems that she is very confident that the reality will come out once the second sample is tested by the authorities.

There are rumours that her samples were tested positive during the Federation Cup itself but the authorities sat over the report silently for over a month and it is the reason why the country has suffered a major embarrassment now.

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