December 8, 2022
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This Indian Factory Makes Soft Toys From Cigarette Stubs

Women load colourful toy bears with white stuffing created from a substance that is typically found in a garbage can while sitting on the floor of a residence outside of New Delhi. They smile and chat as they work.
The substance is made of cigarette stubs that have been cleaned, bleached, and split into fibres after being collected from the city streets where millions of others had been thrown out.

Entrepreneur Naman Gupta came up with the idea of reprocessing them into a variety of goods, like as cushions and toys. “We initially consumed 10 grammes of fibre daily, and today we consume 1,000 kilogrammes. We can recycle millions of cigarette butts every year “He spoke to Reuters from his factory outside of the Indian city.

His workers also separate out the butts’ outer layer and tobacco, which are turned into recycled paper and compost powder respectively.

According to the World Health Organization, almost 267 million adults in India, or 30% of the country’s adult population, use tobacco products, and metropolitan streets with appallingly poor standards for sanitation are littered with butts.

Working here also contributes to maintaining a clean atmosphere, according to Poonam, a factory employee who only used her first name.

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