March 21, 2023
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Rahul Gandhi Urges Karnataka Chief Minister To Save Injured Baby Elephant

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday pleaded with Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai to assist an injured juvenile elephant in need of immediate medical attention in the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve in Mysuru. On a visit to the reserve on Tuesday, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi observed the young elephant.

Rahul Gandhi explained in his letter to Mr. Bommai that on a quick trip to the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve with the Congress president, they were struck by the heartbreaking sight of the injured baby elephant and its mother. He claimed that the young calf, which has a severely damaged tail and trunk, is fighting for its life.

“I understand and appreciate that there is a view that nature must be allowed to take its own course. However, in the case of endangered and iconic species, exceptions are often made depending on the severity of the situation. The aforementioned calf is undoubtedly in need of urgent medical care,” he said in his letter.

“Therefore, I wanted to cross political boundaries and appeal to your sense of compassion to intervene and save the little elephant.

“I am confident that it will survive if given proper treatment. I hope you will extend timely assistance to save the iconic little elephant,” Rahul Gandhi told the chief minister.

Earlier, the previous head of the Congress posted a picture of the mother and baby elephant.

“Mommy’s love. When I saw this gorgeous elephant’s damaged youngster fighting for its life next to mama, I was inconsolable “He tweeted this.

Gandhi’s letter to Mr. Bommai was also tweeted by Congress national secretary Jairam Ramesh.

“Rahul Gandhi visited the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve on the day of rest for the Bharat Jodo Yatra and was horrified by what he saw. Here is his letter to the chief minister of Karnataka regarding India’s national animal “said Ramesh.

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