August 14, 2022
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The Delhi government offering a $5,000 subsidy to first 10,000 people who purchase an E-Cycle

The Delhi government will provide a $5,000 subsidy to the city’s first 10,000 e-bike buyers, according to Delhi transport minister Kailash Gahlot.

He also mentioned that the first 1,000 buyers of passenger e-cycles will receive a 2,000-dollar subsidy. According to him, the government will also provide a subsidy for the purchase of heavy-duty cargo e-cycles and e-carts for commercial use. The first 5,000 buyers will receive a $15,000 subsidy on cargo e-cycles.

Previously, the subsidy was only available to individual buyers of e-carts, but now a company or corporate house purchasing these vehicles will also receive a 30,000 subsidy, he said.

Mr Gahlot stated that the subsidy scheme will only be available to Delhi residents.

According to the minister, there are currently 45,900 e-vehicles on city roads, with 36 percent of them being two-wheelers. In Delhi, the percentage of e-vehicles in total registered vehicles has surpassed 12%, he added.

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