July 15, 2024
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Sri Lankan refugees return to Rameshwaram; The fourth family says they left Sri Lanka because they could not bear the hunger

Refugees from SriLankan arrived in Rameshwaram again. The Nalanga family came to Rameshwaram Dhanushkodi. Anthony, his wife Ranjitha and children Jansika and Akash arrived. They were taken to the Rameshwaram Mandapam camp. Earlier, 16 people had arrived in Rameshwaram from Sri Lanka.

The fourth family reached Dhanushkodi by speed boat from Thalaimannar in Sri Lanka. Antony says he left Sri Lanka because he could not starve to death. It has been a month and a half since the kerosene shortage. Rice and other essentials are very expensive. He added that many more were preparing to leave Sri Lanka. Antony and his family request that the Tamil Nadu government consider them as refugees.

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