March 25, 2023
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Terrorists with weapons in the forest, Army search in Poonch for the tenth day

Troops intensify search for terrorists in Poonch, Jammu and Kashmir. An extensive search is underway on the 10th day to find the terrorists hiding in the forest. As a precautionary measure, traffic banned through Mendhar. Nine soldiers were martyred in a clash with terrorists in Poonch.

Locals were also told not to leave their homes in case of an attack. It is estimated that at least six terrorists are hiding in the forest, which stretches for miles. Army Chief MM Naravan, who is still in Jammu, will visit various places.

Meanwhile, the NIA has taken over the probe into terrorist attacks on civilians in Jammu. A total of 11 people, including five other state workers, have been killed so far in Jammu and Kashmir. The NIA is probing the murders of teachers Supinder Kaur and Deepak Chand, businessman ML Bindru, Virendra Paswan and two Bihar natives. It is believed that the terrorists’ intention is to block the arrival of people from other states and development projects.

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