June 21, 2024
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Indian army avenges Pakistan’s unethical attack

Launching a massive counter-attack across the Line of Control, the Indian army successfully avenged the Pakistan army’s unethical attack on the Indian soldiers.Unfortunately, on last day, an Indian soldier was mutilated by the Pakistan army provoking the Indian army, which always takes adequate initiatives to maintain peace across the Indo-Pak border region.Moreover, demonstrating an unethical attacking strategy, the Pakistan army also killed two more soldiers.

Undoubtedly, the unfortunate incident provoked the Indian army, Followed by that, the Indian army pledged that it would avenge the Pakistan’s unethical attack.It was learned that since late last day the LOC has been suddenly transformed into a violent zone with firing happening in several sensitive regions.As per the report, the Indian army has vindictively inflicted concrete damages on the Pakistan force, badly hurting several Pakistani soldiers and destroying some military camps.Anyway, the Pakistan authorities, as usual, denied all claims announced by the Indian forces saying the claims and allegations raised by their neighbor are baseless.Since the Uri attack, in which nearly nineteen innocent Indian soldiers were brutally killed, the Indo-Pak border region has been witnessing series of disturbances.Experts say that either Pakistan army or terror groups are intentionally trying to derail the peace.The authorities should articulate a feasible formula to regain peace in the region, the experts added.The re-establishment of a peace process in the region requires the serious involvement of both Pakistan and Indian authorities, the experts further added.






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