December 11, 2023
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Shock! Over 23 Kashmiri youth joined militant group after Burhan Wani’s death

In what could be termed as a shocking fact, a national daily reported that nearly twenty-three Kashmiri youth has joined some militant organisations after the death of the infamous militant, Burhan Wani.The Kashmir witnessed strong disturbance after the death of the infamous militant. As per the report, the militant organisations used this opportunity to radicalize the youth population of Kashmir.The report added that several youths mysteriously disappeared from the Kashmir during the violent disturbance that shattered the Kashmir badly.

The shocking fact is that nearly three militants, who were recently killed by the security forces, were reportedly joined the militant group during the turmoil.A police source claimed that the security authorities have successfully brought back several such radicalized youths.Meanwhile, the source admitted that many such militants have been killed during the anti-terrorist operations. The source added that they were killed within a period of a month or two after entering militancy.Another police source indicated several such youth militants are not ready to turn away from their wrong path.The source added that the turmoil is not the actual reason for the sudden surge in the youth radicalization rate.Earlier, the Jammu Kashmir Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mulfti, instructed the police authorities to try if the radicalized youth can be brought back to the family instead of being killed in encounters.  However, still, some separatists alleged that the government is trying to push the youth the extreme end.






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