June 28, 2022
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Fixed and Removable Dentures with Dr Thomas Nechupadam

In collaboration with Unique Times Dr Thomas Nechupadam is back again with another episode of dental advises and suggestion. In the brand new episode Dr Thomas is giving an introduction to fixed and removable dentures

Removable dentures are the most widely known variety of denture. The prosthetic teeth are placed into a gum-colored mold that fits over the top of your natural gums. When you place your removable dentures in each day, you must first place special denture adhesive onto the denture and gums to glue your dentures in place.

Dentures are an arch of prosthetic teeth that are attached to artificial gum tissue that sits over the top of your natural gums. The way in which fixed dentures are secured is different than conventional dentures. This is because fixed dentures use implant technology to attach them to your mouth.

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In the upcoming videos Dr Thomas Nechupadam will be seen giving advices and suggestions before dental treatments and the roots of it.

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