April 20, 2024
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Newly elected DUSU President used fake degree certificate to obtain admission in DU, alleges NSUI


It seems that even though the elections which have decided who would rule the prominent campuses in the national capital Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University have ended, the unrests the elections have brought have declined to subside at least in the semi-peaceful way the elections have ended.

The reason for the latest unrest is a fake degree allegation raised by the NSUI students’ party against a ABVP leader, who has succeeded in winning the most powerful seat of Delhi University Students’ Union president.

The NSUI alleges that the degree certificate the ABVP leader has presented in the Delhi University to obtain his admission in the master’s course is not genuine. The party claims that it has verified the authenticity of the certificate with the authorities of the university, from where the ABVP leader has studied as per his certificate details.

Meanwhile, the ABVP spokesman dismisses all allegations triggered against the rightist students’ party’s leader, and reminds all critics that the DU has right to verify any certificate of any student at any time.

The spokesman also says that there is no clarity in the NSUI statement. She informs the media persons that at first the NSUI said they verified the authenticity of the certificate using the RTI facility and later they announced that they done it with the help of a source when they were confronted by the ABVP with the fact that what they said at first were wrong.

In that sense, there is a justifiable reason for the ABVP to deny the second statement –the, so called, corrected statement- released by the NSUI.

Anyway, a DU source says that the university would appoint a special committee to look into the allegations made by the NSUI as well as the ABVP.

Is it that easy to gain an admission in one of the top universities in the country? No way!!!      



Vignesh. S. G

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