September 23, 2021

Sweet Diamond Cuts



All purpose flour – 2 cups

Baking powder – 1 pinch

Ghee – 1 teaspoon

Sugar – 1 cup

Salt – to taste

Egg – 1

Vanilla Essence – few drops

Water – As needed

Oil – for frying

Cardamom powder – 1 pinch



Beat egg in a bowl. Keep it aside. Add flour, ghee, baking powder, salt, 1 teaspoon sugar in a bowl. Mix well. Add beaten egg in the centre of the flour and gently whisk it. Add a few drops of vanilla essence into it.

Add enough water to make smooth dough. Knead very well.

Before rolling them dust the surface with enough flour, it helps in rolling easily and it is not sticky.

Slit it into smaller balls and roll them using a rolling pin to make a thin rectangle.

Cut the rectangle into diamond shapes with the help of a knife.

Pour oil in a frying pan; drop the diamond cuts into hot oil. Fry them until it turns golden yellow and crisp.

Drain them in tissue paper and keep it aside.

Mix water and sugar in a deep pan and bring it to boil and cook until it turns one string consistency. Keep it aside for cooling. Add cardamom powder into it, mix well. Now add the fried diamond cuts to the sugar syrup. Mix well to spread the sugar syrup evenly. Keep it for cooling and after it cool, the sugar will get hard. Store it them in an air tight container.

Serve it as an evening snack with hot tea.

























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