September 24, 2020

Grape Wine







Grapes -500 gm
Sugar -500 gm
Cinnamon sticks -2 nos
Cloves –4 nos


Wash and dry the grapes. Clean and dry a jar. Divide the sugar and grapes into equal number of portions. Take one portion of the grapes and place in the jar. Crush it lightly with the back of a wooden spoon. Layer a portion of the sugar. Repeat this process until all the fruit is used up. Crush the last layer of fruit and add the cinnamon stick and cloves. End with layer of sugar. Close the lid and store in a dark place. Around 24 hours later, shake the jar lightly to distribute the sugar and spices evenly. Repeat this process for 5 days. If the mix froths to the top open the lid a little to vent. Keep the jar undisturbed for at least 21 days. Open the jar and strain the juices into a clean dry bottle.

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