June 20, 2024
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Surprise Your Guests with These Holi Dishes

After Diwali, Holi is one of the most well-known Indian holidays. The festival of colours is yet another name for it. Most of India’s North, Central, and Western regions commemorate it. In the presence of family and friends, people engage in colour and water play while consuming copious amounts of delicious food.

Holi is an Indian spring celebration that celebrates the beginning of the harvest season. The Holi celebration includes food, just like many other Indian holidays. Here let’s see some of the Holi dishes:

  • Gujiya

Without a plateful of gujiyas, a Holi celebration isn’t complete. The sweet dumplings, which are a native of Rajasthan, are filled with khoya and dry fruits. Unfortunately, producing gujiyas by hand takes a lot of time and effort, especially when you have to produce a lot of them for festivals.  Your gujiya will be ready in a matter of minutes with just the addition of the ingredients and the attachment of the necessary die. Depending on your preference, the gujiya can be baked or fried.

  • Thandai

A traditional, fragrant, and sweet Indian beverage called thandai is created with nuts, seeds, and spices. It is a milk-based drink offered as a dessert on special occasions. It is prepared during celebrations like Shivaratri and Holi. Typically, milk is the main component of Thandai, however Milkmaid is used in our version of the traditional dish. Everyone will want more as a result of the drink’s delicious flavour and creamy texture!

  • Gulab Jamun

Without Gulab Jamun, festivities in India aren’t complete. At Indian festivities, the traditional dessert recipe is also the main event. Besides from festivals and celebrations, it is also appreciated when the craving calls. Using simple ingredients like flour, paneer, sooji, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, and Nestlé Milkmaid, you may make gulab jamun in the convenience of your own home.

  • Rasmalai

Rasmalai is a dish made of spongy chenna balls that have been dipped in fragrant milk. It’s a classic delicacy that can be found all throughout the country in a variety of shapes and flavours. Rasmalai was originally a component of Bengali cuisine, but nowadays you can find it at practically every celebration and holiday across the nation! This delicacy is simple to prepare at home, and youngsters will enjoy it because to its flavour and texture.

  • Dahi Vada

All of your favourite tastes and textures are combined in one delectable snack: fluffy, delicate, tangy, and sweet Dahi Vada. Homemade fried lentil dumpling fritters called “Dahi Vada” are covered in a rich, whipped yoghurt sauce and garnished with sour and sweet chutneys.

  • Malpua 

A traditional and well-known Indian dessert called malpua is made of wheat pancakes that have been pan-fried or shallow-fried, then covered in sugar syrup and served with rabdi, or sweetened thickened milk. All-purpose flour, curd (yoghurt), spices, khoya (dried milk solids), and almonds are used to make these crisp and fluffy pancakes.

These were just a few of the mouthwatering treats you might make this Holi. By making these treats at home, you can eat delicious foods without risking your health.

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