March 1, 2024
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International Women’s Day 2023: Empowering Women by Investing in Them

There has never been a more crucial time to invest in people, particularly in women and girls, as we approach International Women’s Day in 2023. Human capital, which is made up of skills, information, and know-how, has grown to represent a sizeable portion of the world’s wealth, outpacing natural resources or created capital like factories or industries.

130 million girls between the ages of 6 and 17 are estimated to be out of school, and 15 million girls in primary school, half of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa, will never set foot in a classroom. Women’s labour force participation decreased from 52 percent in 1990 to 49 percent in 2016, and their share of the global labour market is over 27 percentage points lower than that of men.

  • Ensure that Financial Assets are in the hands of Women

Women’s economic participation, ownership of productive assets, and control over those assets all has a positive impact on children’s nutrition, health, and attendance at school while also accelerating development and assisting in the fight against poverty. Compared to males, women often devote a larger percentage of their income to supporting their families and communities. But in order to more fully develop their assets, their land, and their enterprises, they need access to the complete spectrum of credit, banking, and financial services and facilities.

  • Keep Girls in School

Women have greater economic possibilities, have fewer and healthier children, and have a better likelihood of sending their own children to school if they have even a few years of primary education. Girls who continue their education through high school will be better prepared to make life decisions.

  • Support Women’s Leadership

In their families, communities, and nations, women are change agents. The advancement of problems important to women on national agendas, with advantages for both women and men, depends on increasing the voice and participation of women in politics.

  • Eradicate Child Marriages

Child brides are young women who are imprisoned in poverty because they lack access to education and job possibilities. Girls who have the chance to finish secondary school are up to six times less likely to be married while they are young than girls who have little to no education. Girls who receive an education also have a lower chance of becoming pregnant as teenagers.

  • Equal Employment Opportunities

Women produce half of the world’s food, labour two-thirds of the world’s working hours, but they only make up 10% of global income and control less than 1% of global real estate. Women typically make half as much as males do. Women and men need to have equal employment opportunities and remuneration in order to achieve gender equality.

Even if there is still much to be done, the world has already transformed in many ways as a result of the realisation that gender equality benefits both men and women. We are all coming to understand that eliminating gender disparities will have numerous advantages, both economically and in other areas.

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