June 21, 2024
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Students Among 9 Dead As Kerala School Trip Bus Collides With Another Bus

According to Kerala Road Transport Minister Antony Raju, nine people—including five students—were murdered when a private tourist bus rear-ended a KSRTC bus operated by the state of Kerala in Vadakkenchery in the Palakkad district. The minister claimed that while attempting to pass a car at a high rate of speed, the private bus crashed into the back of a Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus at about 11.30 p.m. on Wednesday.

“As a result, both buses left the road. Five pupils and a teacher were among the nine people killed in the disaster “he informed the press. The minister also stated that the early assessment was that the private bus’s fast speed and the driver’s negligence.

According to him, an investigation will be conducted to determine how and why the tragedy occurred, and stringent procedures will need to be put in place to prevent similar situations in the future.

In addition, Mr. Rajan noted that counselling may need to be offered to the pupils who lost close friends and a teacher in the unfortunate occurrence. A cabinet meeting will be held to discuss paying compensation to the families who lost loved ones in the disaster. One of the students said to a TV station that the private bus struck the back right side of the KSRTC bus while travelling at a high rate of speed, causing it to tumble over.

“There was blood everywhere. We do not know what has happened to some of our friends and teachers who were in bad shape,” he said, breaking into tears. Another student said that she was watching a film when the accident occurred and someone landed on top of her as the bus toppled over.

Around 40 persons were injured in the accident, police said.

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