April 16, 2024
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Wrong To Assume Domestic Rape Survivor Can’t Perform At School: Court

When convicting a man for repeatedly raping his little daughter, the court stated that it should not be presumed that the victim would not do well on examinations or otherwise act normally. On September 29, the defendant was given a ten-year prison sentence by Special Judge Jayshri R Pulate of a Mumbai court operating under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

On Wednesday, a complete order was made available. According to the prosecution, the accused worked on a ship in Saudi Arabia and made every two months trips to see his family in Mumbai.

When he was at home in 2014, his wife saw that their daughter hid in her room and avoided him. He had repeatedly molested the youngster over the preceding seven years, the girl eventually admitted to her mother. The youngster claimed that she had been living this nightmare since she was ten years old.

After her mother contacted the police, a case was opened. The girl was extremely little when the abuse started, and at first she did not grasp what was going on, the court said in convicting the father, rejecting the defense’s claim regarding the delay in filing the complaint.

She became aware that she was being sexually abused when she went to a sex education class in her ninth grade year. The judge observed that even then, it was normal for her to worry about the family’s diminished financial assistance in the event that her father was imprisoned. The child admitted during cross-examination that she consistently attended school and earned an average of 70% in class 9. She had claimed that the accused’s presence at home had no bearing on her ability to attend class.

Additionally, she claimed that the defendant frequently provided new toys and clothes for her and her siblings. These facts, according to the defence, do not support the charges of sexual abuse. According to the court’s verdict, the accused’s “regular” behaviour, such as bringing clothes and toys for his kids, did not guarantee that he would never conduct the horrible crimes he was accused of.

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