December 10, 2023
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Stalin’s unexpected visit to hostel and police station; Inspected the kitchen

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has made a shocking visit to various government institutions. While traveling to various parts of the state for various events, the CM’s vehicle unexpectedly entered several government offices and institutions. Stalin entered the students’ hostel after a visit to the police station.

The CM visited the government’s own Adidravidar welfare student hostel located in Pennagaram in Dharmapuri district. He asked the students directly about hostel facilities and food. Stalin looked into the facilities in the hostel rooms, the toilets, the kitchen and the dining room. He returned after talking to the students and getting to know their needs.

Following this, the CM reached the Adiyammankotte police station in Dharmapuri district without any warning. The lightning visit was on a night journey from Dharmapuri to Salem. The police had no idea that the CM would be confronted at the station unless he passed by. Stalin’s visit was to get a first – hand look at the police’s attitude towards the public and the action taken on complaints.

He went to the police station and checked the registers in detail. He spent time examining the complaints received and the steps taken to ensure that the station was functioning properly. He also asked the police about the Stalin government’s plan to ‘have a chief minister in your constituency’.

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