August 9, 2020

Sreesha wins Miss Tamil Nadu title

Sreesha has won the Miss Tamil Nadu title in the fourth season of the prestigious competition held at Chennai.

In the beauty contest, Shani Nivakas and Mahalekshmi have become the first runner-up and second runner-up respectively.

Meera Mithun, a former Miss South India title winner and the Pegasus Miss South India Regional Director, has organised this popular beauty contest, which is first step towards becoming the Miss South India, the title awarded by the same organisation.

The eminent personalists such as Ajit Ravi (Chairman, Pegasus), Apsara Reddy (renowned journalist), Kartik Sreenivasan (celebrity photographer), Sanjai Kumar Asroni (actor), Dr.Mini Rao (psychologist), Dr.Karthik Ram (plastic surgeon), Prassana Kumar (Swingers Dance Studio, Director) and Ms Meera have been the judges of the exceptional competition.


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