July 13, 2020

Tips to purify ‘indoor air’ naturally


Air pollution is a serious issue. A couple of days before, Delhi created headlines in all major newspapers due to its deteriorating ‘air quality’. In fact, the issue of air pollution is not limited to the national capital. This issue is everywhere. Are you sure that the air you are breathing now is pure?

It is the high time to think about the dangerous aftereffects of air pollution. The old method of organising social campaigns asking people to reduce pollution is no longer considered as an effective method to contain the issue of air pollution.

Now, the best, as well as easily applicable, way is that each person should try their best to make their surroundings free from pollutants which causes air pollution.

Are you ready? Then, try these natural tips.

Use activated charcoal, beeswax candles, and salt lamps. These natural products contain pollutants effectively.

It is good to plant some houseplants at home. It helps to enhance the beauty of the place where it is planted and makes that place pollution free.

Anyway, before applying these tips, make sure that your house has proper ventilation facilities.

Breathe pure air! Stay healthy!   


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