August 3, 2021

James Mathew – Spearheading a ‘CA’ Empire as Group CEO, Crowe Horwath, UAE and Oman

• Will emerging protectionism hurt the global business community?
            To my understanding, the recent talks of protectionism are a concern, but not a threat. It has been talked about a lot since the US President opined it as his strategic approach to policy making. The world today is highly interdependent and cannot grow in seclusion. No progressing individuals or businesses would ever dwell on this idea.

• What will be the role of the Middle East in the world which stands in the middle of the new protectionist US, the new skeptical Europe and the new globalist China?
            The international economic scenario definitely has a role to play in the diverse activities of the region, but who understands the DNA of the Middle East region especially the UAE would know that the dynamics of the market here is different and driven largely by travel, tourism, trade and financial services which, in a way, will have a lesser impact. The Middle East economies are joining through a major overhauling with the introduction of Value Added Tax and diversification from being oil driven. These changes will bring new prospects and build the region’s market in the long run. I believe the leadership of UAE & the Kingdom are futuristic and leading the nations to be strong stakeholders on the global stage.

• Say few words about your family?
            My wife, Bindu, has been a constant support throughout the journey. She takes care of the entire administration, finance and new company incorporations in the firm. We are blessed with two daughters. The elder one, Jesline, will be completing her graduation in accountancy from Warwick Business School, UK, this year and the younger daughter, Jennifer, is doing her first year IB at JESS Dubai.


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