October 3, 2022
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The Vivacious ‘Vijayshanti’ Girl – Ananya

A vibe of zeal and boisterousness is what one could ooze out on the sight of this young next-door actress, Ananya. Starting on a positive note with the film Positive, she went on to attract success with movies like Shikkar: The Hunt, Naadodigal and Engeyum Eppodhum. She got the attention of the audience with her stunning silver screen performances. Ananya, despite her ill-health and hectic schedule, gets candid with Unique Times.

Excerpts from the conversation…

Engeyum Eppodhum is a super hit. How do you feel about it?

I dint expect the movie to be a superhit. It was a very well-written and convincing story. The style in which the director had read the script to me the first time, I felt there was something special about the movie. I am very happy to have got the opportunity to do an amazing role in it.

How was it working with the debutant filmmaker Saravanan and under the production banner A.R Murugadoss and Fox Star Studios?

It was my first time working with a corporate company like Fox Star Studios and it was indeed a great honour to have worked with them, who are widely recognized for their spectacular work in movies like My Name Is Khan, Slumdog Millionaire, and Avatar. It was also a lifetime experience having worked for Saravanan sir and Murugadoss sir, and I look forward to working with them in the near future.Ananya

You have worked in four languages – Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. Do you find any difference in the industries?

Every industry has its own style of going about with things. The only difference that I have spotted thus far is the language. I have not always been very keen on doing Telugu though. Otherwise, I am comfortable working in every film industry.

Kollywood and Tollywood are more glamorous than Mollywood. Would you do such glamorous roles if the script demands?

No. I would not take up any glamorous roles, however good or attractive the script maybe. Glitzy roles have never fascinated me. So even if the script promises me an award, I will still turn down the offer.

Do you find any difficulty in understanding or speaking other languages?

I do not have any problem in understanding or speaking any of the four languages. But I am more comfortable with Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada.

Your thrilling scenes in the climax of the movie Shikkar impressed Mohanlal, which made him call you the “Vijayashanti” of the Malayalam industry. How was it doing such enthralling stunts?

It was the first time in my life that I did those stunts. I had never in my dreams imagined that I would have been able to do the scene. Though a dupe was roped in, I wanted to do the act myself. Without any training or any resources, I managed to do those electrifying scenes.

How was the experience working with the mega star Mohanlal?

Mohanlal is a unique hero. He is like a godfather to all of us. He was very caring and supportive to newcomers like me, Kailash and Mythili. Within ten days, I could learn a lot about films when he shared his experience with us.

You also played a supporting role in Kandahar, in which Amitabh Bhachchan was also a part. How was it working with the legend – Amitji?

Though I didn’t get to do any role with him, I was blessed with the opportunity to talk to him. His acting skills are beyond my words of praise. The more I spoke to him, the more respect I had for him.

Your new projects?

I am doing a Kannada movie Gokula Krishna, with Prajwal Devaraj as the male lead. My other Malayalam projects include Johny Antony’s Masters, Saji Surendran’s The Reporter, Ameya, and Achan Balan Makan Bheeman.

You had always wanted to be a journalist. So if not for an actor, would you have been a journalist in real life?

Maybe. If I was destined to be a journalist, I would have definitely been one by now. But my destiny was to be an actor and so, here I am today, as an aspiring actress (chortles).Ananya

Has any other field of film making inspired you other than acting?

Not yet! But yes, someday I hope to do something in the industry, beyond acting. Until then, I would be just concentrating on acting.

Are you seeing anyone?


Any plans for marriage in the near future? What are your expectations about your future husband?

Right now, I have no plans to get married. I would look out for all those basic qualities that any girl would look out for. He should be loving, caring, understanding, and of course supportive, personally as well as, in my career.

Would you continue acting post marriage?

Well, I would not be adamant in doing all films that fall on my lap. But if I do get a very good role, I would definitely want to take it up and I hope my husband would support me then.



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