September 17, 2021

HO! HO! Merry Christmas

Silver Bells! Silver Bells! Its Christmas time in the city!

Christmas is round the corner…..

Anything is marketed in today’s world. New Advertisements, New captions, New slogans and what not?

christmas treeWithout marketing or advertising no idea is known or popular, though an idea can change the whole set up !!

From time in memorial, Christmas is announced or marketed with one style; by saying,”MERRY CHRISTMAS’, the one and only one statement that never gets blunt by overuse.

How many time I heard it, I don’t remember.

One thing is sure, it always brought a wonderful spirit in ‘me’.

Spirit of Christmas is as innocent and pure as that of a child.Merry Christmas

No marketing principles or strategies, no Ads or no slogans; It’s just MERRY CHRISTMAS,

It is so magical to bring in the magical spirit. The joy you see in a child’s eyes was there in a child’s eye in the earlier years..

Christmas is still Christmas, whether Global recession or Global meltdown.

In a world that is changing every moment, one thing that never changed is the Spirit of Christmas and the feel of celebration.

Christmas is one festival that has never lost its charm and it will be the same in the years to come.


Merry Christmas

II. Signs & Symbols of Christmas


FIR TREE – The green color remains all year around. It is the sign of everlasting hope of mankind.

STAR    – Sign of Promise

CANDLE   –    Symbolises Light of the world to displace darkness

WREATH — Symbol of love

SANTA –  Symbolises large heartedness & the Goodwill  we feel during this seasonChristmas Bells

HOLY LEAF – Immortality

GIFTS –   Sign of Good Spirit ANGEL – Heralded the Holy News

CANDY CANE – responsibility of our brotherhood

BELL – sound of bell bring mankind to the fold

Sheela Abraham


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