October 25, 2021
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“Creattio” – Ushering a New Era in Event Management

“Creattio” in Latin means to create from nothing. And that is exactly what Creattio Artwork and Designing Solutions pvt limited focuses on;  bringing your dream to reality out of nothing.

With world class designs and ideas, Creattio has been drawing in to their magnetic aura many event managers, light engineers and art directors who are always thirsty for the untried, unseen and unheard.

In a short span of time, Creattio has accomplished in giving unique design ideas to more than 10,000 events across India, Middle east and the Russian federation.Creattio

The commander of the ship, Mr. Jossy George is always at the helm to help manage his fleet of creative army. His eye for perfection and attention to details has been carefully imbibed by the creative wing of Creattio. He believes that an  idea is never complete unless the client and the visualizer sits together and have both their ideas incorporated into the final design.

Creattio ensures on-site assistance to the clients, thus setting them apart from other firms. “We are there from the beginning to the end of an event. It is as much our baby as its theirs”, says Jossy George

Creattio’s expertise lies in giving out 2D and 3D projections of the venue and ensuring that the design is within the stipulated budget. A design is finalised only after the green flag is waved by the client. Beyond doubt, these help the client to have a comprehensive overview of the event.

Creattio has also achieved another milestone, by venturing into wedding managements and have also designed and managed a number of major wedding events in Kerala. They have also started theme and color based wedding and even managed a couple of destination weddings which was a huge success.

Jossy Georges’s, Managing director with a decade long experience in event management, says” “Client satisfaction is what drives us. It is a dream we see together with the client. For the client it’s the fruition of his dream into reality, for us it’s the reality which we dreamed about- the customer satisfaction”.



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