May 28, 2022

Military Transport Plane Crashes in Eastern Algeria

Military Transport Plane Crashes

It has been found that 77 passengers had been found dead in a plane crash of a military transport plane which was carrying the relatives of the armed forces according to Ennahar TV station in Eastern Algeria on Tuesday. The initial report stated that 103 people had been killed. The bodies of the passengers were charred badly that they were unidentifiable. The report stated that the plane had crashed in a mountain area in the Oum El Bouaghi province which is about 500 km from the capital Algiers.

A senior military official Colonel Lahmadi Bouguem stated to the APS news agency that there had been 99 passengers and four crew members on board the plane. He also added that the probable reason for the plane crash could have been the bad weather in the area and the strong winds.

The transport plane had taken off from Algeria’s southern province of Tamanrasset and had been heading towards the eastern city of Constantine, according to the APS news agency. The plane crash which had taken place however is the worst in Algeria since the year of 2003 when an Air Algerie Jet crashed right after having taken off from Tamanrasset in which 102 people were killed.

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