May 26, 2024
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Kerala asks centre to ban Popular Front of India


The Kerala government’s representative, while participating in a national platform organised to discuss the internal security issues, has asked the concerned central government authorities to ban the Popular Front of India, the political organisation which has an extremist character.

Had the central government initiated a step to ban the PFI itself, the move might not have given surprise to anyone.

A ruling government dominated by the members of a radical rightist Hindu organisation naturally dislikes the rightist Muslim political party, which has same extremist character like that of its Hindu counterpart.

The unbelievable element in this story is the fact that in this contest a state government led by a party which possesses the liberal characters of acceptance and tolerance is the element that have taken initiative to eliminate the extreme rightist Muslim organisation with the help of the authority supported by the extreme rightist Hindu organisation.

As per the report, the Kerala government’s request has officially presented before the central authority in the annual DGP by the Kerala DGP.

While speaking to the media representative, a senior minister of the concerned department has confirmed that the central government is closely observing the activities of the suspicious organisation and would collect all available evidences.

There is no dispute that if the authorities find that the Muslim cadre organisation is harmful for the peaceful life of the people, the organisation should be banned.

Anyway, there is still one doubt left: does one of the Communist Parties of Kerala fear the PFI?



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