September 26, 2022
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Socialists retain Portugal

The Socialist Party has retained the European country of Portugal, winning at least 106 seats in the 230 member parliament.

Anyway, the party has failed to win a majority in the parliament. Now, it has two options before them: either it can form a minority government, or it can form alliance with other parties, like what they did in its previous tenure. Apart from the Socialist Party, several leftist parties have won seats in the Portugal parliament. The important among them are the Left Block and the Portugal Communist Party.

In the previous tenure of the Socialist Party-led government in the country, it has secured significant achievements in its economic front: it has increased the growth rate of the country’s economy and has reduced the unemployment rate of the country.

The Socialist Party came to power last time with the promise of removing the austerity measures imposed on the country to overcome the financial crisis. It has done complete justice to its promise.

This time, it has sought votes highlighting the achievements the country has made during its tenure in the seat of power of the country.

What the Portugal Socialist Party has set is a new mark. It has secured this great victory at the time Europe turns its back towards the concept of Socialism on the ground that economic crisis is the part and parcel of Socialism. The Portugal Socialist Party has proved that allegation wrong with its governance. The victory of the Socialists in Portugal is expected to give a big boost to the European Socialism.

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