October 3, 2022
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BJP corporator shot dead in Maharashtra

A BJP corporator has been brutally killed in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The corporator has been shot to death. Apart from the corporator, at least four of his family members have been killed through the same mode. The attack has taken place few hours back. Though the injured persons have been taken to a hospital immediately after the incident, their lives could not be saved by the hospital. Even though the attackers have fled the spot after the attack, they have later surrendered before the police. The reason for the attack has not been publicised yet. An investigation is on.

The killed corporator was a powerful local BJP leader. He was a very influential corporator in the region.

The attack that has taken place at the time the state prepares for its crucial Assembly Election is likely to influence the election in a big way.

The BJP is the ruling party in the state. It has the potential to wrist a huge victory in the upcoming Assembly Election in the state.

At this moment, it remains unclear whether there is any political angel in the killing of the corporator and his family members, including his brother and his sons.

More details in this story are awaited.

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