April 13, 2024
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Commentary: Rahul’s Retreat

Rahul Gandhi’s retreat is the talk of the hour. Whether a political leader has the right to retreat or not is not the key element of the discussion that has triggered after the Congress scion’s retreat. What that makes the Congress’ former President’s latest foreign trip controversial is the timing that he has chosen to go for his trip.

The Congress party is undergoing huge survival crisis at this moment. Its old guards, strengthened by the arrival of Sonia Gandhi back to the mainstream politics and to the helm of the party, and its young guards, weakened by the departure of Rahul Gandhi from the seat of power of the party, are aggressively fighting each other for dominance in the party. At present, Rahul’s team is in the losing end.

Sanjay Nirupam in Mumbai, Pradyot Kishore Manikya in Tripura, Ashok Tanwar in Haryana, Jyotriadiya Scindia in Madhya Pradesh – all are loyal supporters of the former Congress president – have been sidelined by the present power centre of the party emerged with the re-emergence of Sonia Gandhi.

What his supporters need at this moment is a strong backing from their beloved leader. Exactly, that is what they miss now. Not only has he ditched his supporters in this crucial juncture, but also he has turned his back towards them.

May be he is afraid of a repeat of 1960s (split), but it is not the right way to show his commitment towards the unity of the party.

What he has forgotten is that his supporters are his real strength. If his supporters lose their trust towards their leader, he will not have any future in the party or in politics.

The Congress scion’s latest action proves that he is still not mature enough to be a national leader of the Grand Old Party.

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