June 14, 2024
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Simplifying the adoption process; Ministry of Women and Child Welfare

The Union Ministry of Women and Child Welfare has taken steps to simplify the adoption process. It has also decided to tighten the rules for child protection centers. Conditions will be changed, including the need to stay in India for 2 years if the child is adopted by a foreigner. Officials said talks were underway with the states and the new policies would come into effect soon.

Last month, the government issued a notification stating that children could be relocated abroad within two years of adoption, but that the embassies in the respective countries should be notified. Complaints were widespread that expatriates were being barred from obtaining visas and passports for their children when completing the adoption process under the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act (HAMA). It is in this context that the conditions change.

Provision will also be made to make the background check of child protection centers flawless. The background of those who want to start new centers will also be strictly checked. An audit conducted by the National Child Protection Council in 2018 found that out of 2874 centers for children in the country, only 54 complied with the Child Rights Act.

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