November 30, 2023
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‘Unknown fever’ spreads in Haryana; Eight children died in 10 days

Eight children have died of ‘unknown’ fever in Haryana’s Palwal district in the last 10 days. The fever is spreading in Chilli village in Palwal district. At least 44 people have sought treatment in private hospitals for fever symptoms. Of these, 35 are minors.

Although the cause of death has not been determined, doctors do not rule out the possibility of dengue. The vast majority of cases end up in hospitals with fever and low platelet count. With this, health department officials are going door to door with dengue awareness. Dengue, malaria and Covid tests are also being done on people suffering from fever.

‘Children are dying of fever. Officers are confronted at homes. Dispensing medicine. The health department is open all the time. The houses were found to be unhygienic. We are conducting further tests to find out the cause of the fever, ”said Vijay Kumar, senior medical officer

Fever is found in children as well as adults. At the same time, locals suspect that the supply of sewage is causing health problems.

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