June 4, 2020
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Shocking! Chinese man killed his wife and stored the dead body in refrigerator for over 100 days

In an extremely shocking incident, a Chinese man strangled his wife to death and stored her dead body in a deep freezer for roughly not less than 100 days.

A court in Shanghai has awarded death sentence to the murderer. His plea for the reconsideration has also been rejected.

The man has attempted all possible ways to hide from his wife’s family that the lady has been murdered. Since the day the lady was murdered, he has been using his wife’s social media handles to makes sure that his wife’s friends and family do not suspect wrong.

He has even done a journey with another lady to take the murder out of his head. He has used his wife’s identity cards to check into the hotels in the areas where he has travelled to forget the crime. And, he has made several luxury purchases during the journey using his wife’s credit card.

The confession has been made at a juncture where he has realised that he has no choice but to revel the reality.

The crime has shocked the Shanghai population. Not any time in the recent past such a brutal crime has been reported from this part of the w0rld. Shanghai is relatively a peaceful region in China.

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