February 26, 2024
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More than 19 lakh not in Assam’s final NRC

As many as nineteen lakh people of the total 3.29 crore applicants are not in the final list of the Assam National Register for Citizens. The publication of the final register has marked the end of the Supreme Court monitored exercise launched nearly five years ago. Around 1, 220 crore Indian rupees have been spent on the exercise.

Those excluded will get the chance to claim their citizenship with the help of the country’s judicial mechanism.

What is not clear at this moment is the fate of those who have been excluded from the final list of the Assam NRC.

The main questions are: will they be deported; will they be locked in the detention camps set up for illegal migrants; and to where will they be deported.

The government needs to answer all these questions. The right groups have expressed their unhappiness in the development. They have pointed out the harassment the people of the state have suffered because of the exercise.

The development has put the life of those excluded from the list in jeopardy.

Assam is a north eastern state. It shares border with Bangladesh. The Assam NRC exercise was launched to segregate the illegal migrants of the state from the legitimate people of the state.

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