June 6, 2020
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Priyanka supports her brother’s decision to step down from Congress Prez post

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has supported her brother Rahul Gandhi’s decision to step down from the powerful post of the Congress president. She has appreciated the courage shown by her brother to resign from the post.

The decision of the Congress scion to resign from the top post of the party came shortly after the declaration of the recent General Election result, which showed how miserably the Congress as a political organisation failed to project itself a promising alternative against the ruling BJP.

In the first Congress Working Committee meeting post the election itself, the Congress scion expressed his intention to reign. His decision was then unanimously rejected by all those in the committee. But, then itself, the Congress leader asserted that his decision was final and no rethinking in this matter was possible.

Since then, several Congress party leaders have been trying to convince the young leader to reconsider his decision.

Finally, the possibility for the rethinking has been completely closed down, once he has released his resignation letter in the public platform.

Now, the Congress is in a very unstable position. It is good for the Grand Old Party to find an alternative for the leadership as early as possible. It is already late.

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