August 4, 2021
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Shiny Antony – The Story of Sheer Willpower

Shiny Antony a fitness professional, who achieved almost 10 qualified fitness graduations is a strong woman with much determination. She is the owner of Juzt Shine family fitness studio at Fort Kochi. Her change from a normal housewife to a fitness trainer was not immediate.

Shiny was bedridden due to her health issues and after the advice of her physiotherapist she started doing some exercises and diet. According to her exercise is an unavoidable part of your lifestyle. It is essential irrespective of gender. Infertility, thyroid issues, PCOD are also linked to lack of exercise and poor eating habits. All this can be controlled to some extent by exercise.


She conquered the world of fitness with sheer determination and will power. Shiny’s family consist of her husband and two daughters who is always there for her as her backbone and she always consider her husband as her inspiration and support.

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Pic Courtesy: Unique Times Photography


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