March 1, 2024
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Shame! Survey says India is the most dangerous country for women


It is time to rethink. Has India failed our women? Why our country has appeared in the top position in the survey conducted by a reputed International news agency to list the most dangerous countries for women?

Importantly, in the survey report released by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Afghanistan and Syria have been given second and third position respectively. Noteworthy, except India, other two countries which have been placed in the top three positions in the list of the world’s most dangerous countries for women are war-affected regions. In those countries, the war is still going on.

The unfortunate fact is that as per the survey report the condition of women safety in India is much worse than the condition of women safety in the war-affected countries. Don’t you think we should break our silence?

Meanwhile, the National Commission for Women has denounced the survey report. It has alleged that it was unfair that those countries in which women are not even allowed to speak in public were given positions below India. The NCW has pointed out that the sample size selected to conduct the survey was not enough and such a small sample size would not help the survey agency to know the actual condition of a highly diversified and populated country like India.



Vignesh. S. G

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