September 23, 2023
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Shah Rukh Khan Gets Relief By Supreme Court In 2017 Stampede Case

Shah Rukh Khan received relief on Monday after the Supreme Court supported the Gujarat High Court’s decision to drop the charges against him in connection with the 2017 stampede at Vadodara Railway Station. Shah Rukh Khan’s complaint was dismissed by a jury consisting of Justices CT Ravikumar and Ajay Rastogi.

The Gujarat High Court ruling had been contested by the complainant. The High Court of Gujarat’s decision to dismiss the complaint the complainant had brought against the actor was upheld by the Supreme Court, which declined to intervene.

Shah Rukh Khan’s criminal action against him for allegedly creating a stampede at Vadodara Railway Station in 2017 while promoting his movie Raees was dismissed by the Gujarat High Court on April 27, 2022. To promote their Hindi feature film “Raees,” the actor was travelling from Mumbai to Delhi with his production crew.

Jitendra Madhubhai Solanki, the complainant, brought a private complaint against Mr. Khan before the Judicial Magistrate, First Class, Vadodara. He claimed that Mr. Khan’s presence at the Vadodara Railway Station and his throwing of T-shirts and smiley balls at the crowd gathered there caused the alleged stampede.

The Gujarat High Court had to issue an order on April 27, 2022, quashing the complaint brought against Mr. Khan in response to an appeal submitted by Shah Rukh Khan requesting the dismissal of the aforementioned case. Senior advocates Vijay Kumar and Siddharth Luthra, briefed by a group from Karanjawala and Company Advocates led by Ruby Singh Ahuja and Sandeep Kapur, Senior Partners, represented the petitioner and Shah Rukh Khan, respectively.

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