June 19, 2024
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7 Flower Plants to Grow in March

March marks the beginning of spring, a time of renewal and growth in the garden. As the days lengthen and the weather warms, it’s the perfect opportunity to start planting beautiful flowers that will brighten up your outdoor space. Here are seven flower plants to grow in March to bring color and vibrancy to your garden:

1. Daffodils (Narcissus)

Daffodils are quintessential spring flowers known for their cheerful yellow blooms and trumpet-shaped petals. Plant daffodil bulbs in the fall for a burst of color in early spring. They thrive in well-drained soil and partial sunlight, making them ideal for borders, rock gardens, or naturalizing in lawns.

2. Tulips (Tulipa)

Tulips are another favorite spring flower that comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Plant tulip bulbs in the fall for stunning displays of blooms in March and April. Choose from early, mid, or late-blooming varieties to enjoy a prolonged flowering season. Tulips prefer full sun and well-drained soil.

3. Crocuses (Crocus)

Crocuses are one of the first flowers to emerge in early spring, often poking through the snow to reveal their vibrant petals. Plant crocus bulbs in the fall for delicate flowers in shades of purple, white, and yellow. They thrive in sunny or partially shaded areas and can be planted in borders, rockeries, or under trees.

4. Pansies (Viola tricolor var. hortensis)

Pansies are cool-season annuals that thrive in the mild temperatures of early spring. With their cheerful faces and vibrant colors, pansies add instant charm to any garden bed or container. Plant pansies in well-drained soil and place them in a sunny or partially shaded location for best results.

5. Hyacinths (Hyacinthus)

Hyacinths are fragrant spring flowers that are sure to delight the senses with their sweet perfume. Plant hyacinth bulbs in the fall for clusters of colorful blooms in March and April. They prefer full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil enriched with organic matter.

6. Primroses (Primula)

Primroses are charming perennial flowers that brighten up the garden with their early spring blooms. Available in a wide range of colors, including pink, purple, yellow, and white, primroses are versatile plants that thrive in partial shade. Plant them in borders, containers, or along pathways for a pop of color.

7. Snowdrops (Galanthus)

Snowdrops are delicate spring bulbs that often appear while snow is still on the ground, earning them their name. These dainty flowers feature drooping white blooms with green markings and are a welcome sight in late winter and early spring. Plant snowdrop bulbs in the fall in moist, well-drained soil for a charming display.


With these seven flower plants to grow in March, you can usher in the beauty and fragrance of spring to your garden. Whether you prefer the bold blooms of tulips and daffodils or the delicate charm of snowdrops and crocuses, there’s a flower plant to suit every taste and garden style. So roll up your sleeves, grab your gardening tools, and get ready to enjoy a spectacular spring display in your outdoor space.

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